Bobby Singh

Bobby Singh’s percussion provided the fundament for the whole musical endeavor…

Frankfurter Rundschau, Germany

The vocalists were supported and carried by the tabla playing of Tarlochan (Bobby) Singh. The instrumentalist demonstrated in his solo improvisation a transparent virtuosity and a vast and inexhaustible capability of rhythmic variations.

Wetterauer Zeitung, Germany

Bobby Singh simply blew everyone away with his masterful playing…

Revolver, Sydney, Michael Smith

In Singh’s hands the tabla was capable of an almost contrapuntal effect…

Sydney Morning Herald, John Shand

Singh has built a solid reputation as a diversely interested musician who quite obviously gets his thrills messing with musical play dough. Who better to present an evening of world beats promising its audience a journey so geographically diverse that whiplash is not so much a risk as an inevitable?

This show was a masterpiece. This was fantastic. The fusion of old and new in such an original way. Bobby Singh is such an extraordinary tabla player, beyond belief.

Circle of Rhythm

Singh brings the ancient, rich and intricate tradition of north India to the trio. Uniquely in world music, this combines a spiritual foundation with an almost capricious love of bravura virtuosity displays. Singh's tablas layer the music with nuance and complexity, and place a natural upper limit on the ensemble’s volume.

John Shand, Sydney Mornin g Herald - February 10, 2009

Circle of Rhythm have been heralded as one of this country’s most exciting rhythm trios: featuring Greg Sheehan, Bobby Singh and Ben Walsh. These dudes have become the face and the fist of percussion. After 10 years of defining and redefining what Australian drumming can offer the world they have formed a percussion trio with a difference. Rich in culture from the various styles all three dynamic performers have been exploring.

Live Music with Mandy Nolan - Echo November 2 2004

Djan Djan

...Diabate and Lang work so well together. Add the third man, in the form of the percussive panache of Singh and you've got three sticks of pure dynamite!

Lloyd Bradford (Brad) Syke - Australina Stage